If the concept of hiring an interior designer seems a bit old school to you (think back to Mad Men’s episode where the decorator convinces Betty Draper to try “daring” colors such as gray and orange, and where everything matched), we’ve found a design team that brings a contemporary dimension to that process. BAM Design Lab, a design duo from LA, know the trends and the impact that great design can have on your daily life but understand the importance of creating a real space for real people.

We fell in love with this bachelorette loft for exactly those reasons: it’s stylish, it’s put-together, but it has just the right amount of comfort and chaos to be a home we’d all like to live in. Not to mention it makes color in design look really cool. If you thought that they’d put a typically bright geometric rug, think again; they opted for a moody tie-dye rug to anchor the bold throw pillows on the sectional. A mixture of oak and soft textures are worked in to give the space visual depth, grounding the energy brought by the bright colors.

Normally, when we live in an alcove studio, we don’t have a place as fabulous as this. In this bachelorette pad, the lack of a division between the living room and bedroom seems appropriate – perhaps the “bachelorette” just doesn’t have time to deal with doors in her busy jet-set lifestyle. However, Barbie Palomino and Annie May of BAM Design Labs, knew just the right ways to differentiate the spaces. They wallpapered the back wall (in a cool print from Eskayel) to create an important focal point and toned down the color palette to light blues and grays for relaxation.

As color lovers we’re inspired to bring bight tones into our space without losing the “cool factor” that we want to achieve. We just have to remember to mix in a few moody neutrals (charcoal and light gray) and bring in some earthy materials (oak, felt, and cement).

Shop Rue: 1. Lamp // 2. Throw // 3. Vases // 4. Clock // 5. Chair // 6. Desk