At Rue we are big Revenge fans- not just because the over-the-top plot lines make us dread the end of each episode, but because each leading lady’s style is such a sartorial hit. At the top is Ashley Medekwe’s character. Gorgeous flowy short skirts, pronounced small waists and elegant statement jewelry make up the foundation of Ashley’s looks. Although we are sure that the show has a huge style team- sourcing pieces and making sure that each one fits impeccably- this actress in her daily life has serious taste. If you don’t want to take our word for it, head over to her personal fashion blog Ring My Bell, you’ll find Topshop-meets-YSL perfection.

As a Londoner now living in L.A., Ashley’s personal style reflects both the laid-back grunge trend that pervades British high-street fashion and the super polished high-heel preferences of Hollywood. How can that even be pulled off? Tough materials like denim and leather are counterbalanced with perfectly sleek hair and feminine pink shades of lipstick. Nothing ever goes too far one way- an outfit composed of a flirty miniskirt and blouse is paired with spiked jewelry and a leather jacket.

Ashley’s personal style is such a good lesson in going beyond categories and working with pieces that may come from opposite ends of the spectrum: a classic striped sweater, for example, can easily be updated by a pair of ripped jeans. All we need is to develop the same sophisticated eye that she has, to know which items to pair together. That might take some trial and error, but we think it’s part of the fun.

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