There are few brands out there whose new collections we get as excited about as Tibi‘s. We love the graphic patterns and clean lines, as will as a mix of monochrome with bright colors. Pretty much every item ends up on our monthly wishlist. So when we got a chance to sit down with the founder of Tibi, Amy Smilovic, in her Greenwich home, we were extremely excited to find out more about her influences, her home, and her top nine essentials.

What characteristics are unique to Tibi?
Feminine, authentic, versatile, and wearable.

You’ve mentioned before that you love 70s fashion icons (Lauren Hutton, Farrah Fawcett, etc.), what makes these women and era so interesting to you?
I believe that some of the great styles that emerged in the 70s continue to influence our fashion essentials and wardrobe choices today. For example, crop tops and platforms were born in this era and are still trending today with a modern twist. I also think that there was an energetic, creative and carefree attitude happening in fashion at the time, which shaped women in a unique way.  But, I’m not wed to the 70s as my inspiration comes from many eras — the minimalism and casual-chic of the 90s can have a big influence on my designs.

What would be a styling trick that you could share with our readers?
Always have a great tank top or t-shirt on hand, they are not defined by seasons and function as a piece that can be easily layered.

How would you describe your lifestyle?
Thriving on chaos.

Where is your ideal creative space?
Capri, Italy.

Do you have a favorite artist?
My dad.

How do you think fashion and interiors are the same and how are they different? What did you do differently with the décor of your home that you wouldn’t do with your collection?
I think that both fashion and home décor define your mood, but fashion allows for quicker experimentation. A look can be changed very swiftly by a simple change of accessories or a total outfit change.  Home décor is not so easily changed. My approach to home décor and my collection is actually very similar: I focus on color palette, texture, fabric with excruciating detail and always try to understand the ultimate story that I’m creating.

How do family and friends react to your space?
I think many of my friends are shocked by the use of color and texture in my home and my level of comfort that I have in experimenting with them. I’m always changing something up. I recently reupholstered my dining room chairs with a fabric from Tibi’s last Resort collection, which was a very bold black and white surrealist motif of amoebas.

What’s your favorite dish that you serve when you entertain?
Thai chicken and mango salad.

What’s one of life’s small luxuries that you enjoy the most?
Soaking and relaxing in the Aire Ancient Baths in Tribeca, NY.

9 Things You Can’t Live Without In Your…
Beauty Arsenal: Lobello lip balms, Maybelline Mascara
Purse: Celine
Kitchen: Spinach Smoothies
iTunes: Johnny Cash and Nicolas Jaar
Closet: Good organization
Library: Dictionary of cultural literacy
Perfume: Stella McCartney
Home: My dog, Jack
Office: Candy from It’s Sugar

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