We’re all familiar with the Ace Hotel chain, with their hotels in New York and downtown LA that strike the perfect vibe between hip, simple and stylish. Each locale, whether in London, Portland, Palm Springs or Seattle has its own interpretation of the Ace look (let’s call it an up-scale hipster). But in 2013 the Ace Hotel chain opened its newest location in Panama. Unlike its sister locations, the American Trade Hotel has the same industrial point of view but with a complete colonial makeover. We love the sophisticated result, that has a historical building in the Casco Viejo of the city restored into a trendy yet classic hotel, with a whole lot of tropical flair.

The design is a complete melting pot of cultures and influences. We mentioned that it has industrial bones, but the colonial side comes in with Spanish tiles and classic moldings. True to the Ace Hotel point of view, they mixed in a few unexpected touches – Mexican woven coverlets, wood furnishing fashioned in Panama bring a little local flavor to the otherwise paired down design. And lastly, you can expect a whole lot of luxury if you are staying at the American Trade Hotel – each room boasts some serious high-quality threads with sheets from Frette and a whole line of Aesop products waiting to be used.

We love the Ace Hotels, and this one in Panama in particular, for offering an all encompassing experience. Whether it’s top notch food, a killer giftshop that feels more like a design store, or evening entertainment (the American Trade Hotel has a club where you can listen to sultry jazz notes from pianist and composer Danny Perez), they cater to an all encompassing guest experience.

With all of this style and a Caribbean vibe, we’re thinking that maybe Panama will be our next stop if we’re headed South. Just like you, we could get used to sipping a freshly made cocktail out in one of the American Trade Hotel’s gorgeous patios.

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