Aleksandra Zee is a talented woodworker living in San Francisco, CA. Using discarded materials, she creates artwork of all sizes- from “small-scale interventions to whole room distortions.

Most Likely To Photograph:
In-progress projects, still-life shots from her workshop, and hints as to where she gathers inspiration around the Bay Area (and beyond)!

Why We Love Her:
In the words of the artist, Aleksandra pulls her inspiration from  the “colors and textiles of the desert.” She continues, “I find myself gravitating to natural color hues and designs that I have brought back with me from antique Native American textiles that I fell madly in love with.” It’s her southwestern-inspired artwork that drew us in, and her humble, hardworking personality that made use total fans. To start, her Instagram account doesn’t sugarcoat the life of an artist. To our delight, she shares more than just the finished product. Following along, you get an intimate look at the creative process. Whether it’s late nights in her San Francisco wood shop, progress reports on large-scale commissions, or hauling loads of discarded wood, she is always hard at work and pushing her talent forward. We’ll admit- she’s got a pretty adorable apartment, too.

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