You would think that with such a grandiose home as this, the owners would follow the design direction and fill it with louis chairs and gilded consoles. This is exactly what homeowners Sarah and Julius wanted to avoid when they moved into their stunning 18th century home in Malmö, Sweden. They felt that mirroring the home’s architecture with similar decor would be overkill, so instead they opted for a more modern understated Swedish look; they even included a few Ikea pieces. The result is an effective mix of beautiful historical architecture, the couple’s vintage decor finds and Sarah’s collection of French fashion.

This home is on our top 10 list of homes we’d like to own- the patterned parquet floors are enough to have us break our leases. But we’d also content ourselves with being this warm couple’s guests- their ability to combine their own two styles and make it feel seamless is a feat of its own (although to Julius’ credit it doesn’t seem like he owns any football memorabilia). The black sofa in the living room is a 1950s find that Sarah made when she was living alone and the gray sofa is Julius’ first purchase when he left home. They both decided on the orb light in their giant walk in closet (or room that has been dedicated as their closet) for it’s simple shape and warm glow. When it came to decorating their dining room they were inspired by the look of an English library, which led them to choose dark green walls. Their shared vision for their home shows in the interesting mix of high and low, sophisticated and relaxed.

Perhaps finding such an architectural gem in our own crowded cities is unlikely but we can always take a page out of Julius and Sarah’s book but toning down highbrow architectural details with informal decor such as a make-shift night stand and Ikea task lamps. You don’t always have to follow your home’s structural style- often choosing a contrasting look for your decor can be even more pleasing to the eye.

If you want this Swedish home’s look, here are a few pieces to get you started!

Shop Rue: 1. Servers // 2. Paper Lantern Pendant // 3. Gray Pillow // 4. Task Lamp // 5. Dark Green Paint // 6. Wooden Stool // 7. Neo-classical Armoire