Nothing makes a home feel more like the holidays than the wonderful smell of pine needles and cinnamon in the air. We have a double serving of How To’s to help you infuse your home with winter’s best scents. First, a stovetop potpourri that you can keep simmering all day and then a easy but elegant modern wreath by floral designer Natasha Kolenko.

Holiday Stovetop Potpourri
3-4 oranges
1 cup fresh cranberries
3-4 cinnamon sticks
2 teaspoons whole cloves
Whole nutmeg
Bay leaf

1. Slice oranges.

2. Break the cinnamon sticks into a few smaller pieces to release more of their fragrance. Bruise the cloves in a mortar and pestle.

3. Fill a pot with the oranges, cranberries, cloves, and bay leaf. Top with water until pot is half full.

4. Grate nutmeg into the pot.

5. Bring to a low simmer on the stove.

Modern Holiday Wreath
Grapevine wreath base
Foraged evergreen
Straw flowers (assorted colors)
White snowberry
Kumquat (on the branch)
Floral wire


1. Start with a base of greenery. Insert stems of fir and other desired evergreen into the wreath base. Work your way around the base covering portions of the base completely and leaving a section of the grapevine base bare if you like.

2. Place a few sprigs of eucalyptus stems, left long.

3. Once you achieve the desired overall shape of your greenery, start placing the accents. You can make a few bundles of accents by clustering a straw flower, snowberry stem, and a kumquat stem and wrapping together with floral wire. Leave 4-5″ of stem and insert the bundle into the base. You can also insert individual branches of flowers, berry, or kumquats into the greens.

4. Be sure to step back and look at the overall shape as you work. Flowers and berries have more impact when clustered together. Ta-da!