Toronto based artist, Tiffany Pratt first jumped onto the Rue scene last week with the launch of our latest magazine issue and won over a myriad of fans with her electrifying home tour (and fabulous hair!). You can’t step inside her world without being totally inspired by her creativity, zest for life, and quest for fun. Today, Tiffany shares her latest creation with Rue: an over the top, Alice in Wonderland inspired spring table, mixing casual with fancy for a party that’s both relaxed and fun. We sat down with Tiffany for all the scoop – and have a feeling you’re going to love her party philosophy as much as we do!

What a spectacular tabletop you created, Tiffany! What was your inspiration?
I created something that inspired the hostess in all of us to break the rules and fall down the rabbit hole. Mixing disposable with fancy.  Spray painting some glassware and intermingling it with the real deal.  This tabletop is a story of living–using what we have and making the everyday look and feel special.  Everything is as special as we make it.

So it’s something readers can easily recreate at home?
Yep! Just break all the rules and pull everything out! Grab your grandma’s tea cups and plates and buy yourself some Chinet from the grocery store. Pull out the real silver and glitter-ize some plastic cutlery!  Head to the hardware store for flagging tape to drape the ceiling. Find the most colorful candies, cookies and cake and indulge . Forget flowers–make a butterfly bush out of simple greens you can pick from your backyard. And of course, throw some champagne to the mix and ta-da!!! A free flow, fun fair of everyday delights mixed with childlike wishes and sugar high dreams.

You’ve got us motivated already! What’s your favorite part about the table?
The casual yet fancy feeling that it evokes.  Everyday dishes and disposables can be fabulous and fun!  I love that you can feel like you could just dive right in and nothing about the table would feel spoiled or undone from doing so. Eat, drink and be merry—the spread and my space will only look better by doing so!!

Great advice! You throw a lot of parties. What are your top tips for entertaining?
1) Have more than you think you are going to need in every way.
2) Be unexpected and playful in someway.
3) Serve only things you love and would want to share.
4) Host the party you would want to attend.
5) Play great music.
6) Think fancy yet accessible.
7) Wear corsages.
It seems your a big fan of color. How does color play a part in your creations?
Color just happens.  Like a rainbow after the rain. Color is life.  When you add color to a party you add soul and excitement even before your guests arrive.
Also–when you use a lot of color everyone looks good in the spectrum.

We love your color philosophy! There’s also an element of playfulness to your tabletop. Is this an important part of who you are?
Playfulness plays a huge role in my life, this tabletop, and how I view each day.  I like everyday and everything to feel as special as it can.  Using the common “party” accoutrement all the time helps elevate your mood and inspire celebratory living.
Having fun and not taking things too seriously is a nice way to approach entertaining and most anything life has in store.

Cheers to that! Last but not least, what’s your style motto?
Glitter makes everything better.

We had a feeling you’d say that! Thanks for welcoming us into your world today, Tiffany!