Dallas resident Mili Suleman wanted a way to connect with her mother, who is based about 3 hours away from Dubai. Mili explains, “it began as a way to get my mother and me closer together from across the oceans — a creative journey where I could connect and deepen my bond with my mum through something creative, productive and have memories that would last more than a lifetime.” That creative journey resulted in Kufri Life, a vibrant textile studio that specializes in handwoven textiles and ikat fabrics for home and apparel.

Kufri Life employs handcrafted techniques like handloom weaving, block printing and hand screen printing, and various embellishment options like kantha, kalamkari, pintaks, beading and more. They have beautiful new collections on the site all the time, and also offer custom work for clients – whether it’s tabletop supplies or product finishing.

To inspire all of your upcoming summer events (and show off Kufri Life’s latest!), Mili is showing off her seasonal styling tips. Start the slideshow to learn how you can set the perfect table with bold textiles.