Every July, our wanderlust kicks into high gear and we gaze longingly at the map, intermittently & obsessively checking for major airline sales. While a day or two here would be magnificent, and we’re certain that spending the summer here would define perfection… we also know that, financially, a global adventure may not be the most responsible decision. On that note, we decided to become advocates for the “summertime staycation.” Our hometowns are bursting with exciting, unique things to do- and day trips are calling our name in every direction. We just have to view travel on a smaller scale!

To satisfy our most recent craving for adventure, we loaded up the car in San Francisco and made the one hour drive towards Hog Island Oyster Co. Located on Tomales Bay, this oyster farm is only a short distance away, yet feels like a different planet. The sweeping views of the bay offer a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can rent picnic tables, buy oysters straight from the source, and get a little Vitamin D while you’re at it.

To make the picnicking process easier, we turned to Lasso– our new favorite delivery service. Lasso offers wine, cheese, snacks and more delivered right to your front door. We placed our order online, choosing artisanal cheeses, a few bottles of rosé, and some crowd-pleasing nibbles like marcona almonds and membrillo quince paste. We set a delivery time and voila! Our picnic was packed & delivered before we hit the road.

To make things extra glamorous? We turned to Mark & Graham! All of our pretty picnic essentials were customized with Rue-inspired monograms. From a wood stop glass carafe to harbor our wines to eponymous seersucker cocktail napkins, no detail was overlooked. Right now, Mark & Graham has a ton of perfect accessories for picnicking, BBQing, or beach-bumming. Our inspiration was All-American Prep (just in time for the 4th!), and our theme instantly transported our guests to Cape Cod or Montauk for the day… yet we all slept soundly in our own beds. The feeling of travel and adventure without ever leaving home is truly a beautiful thing.

1. Pick a place nearby that you’ve never been, or an experience you’ve never tried. The unknown will remove all senses of monotony, and make the staycation much more memorable than a trip to the park you regularly frequent.
2. Leave the picnicking to the pros! Instead of driving all over town to pick up your supplies, turn to a service like Lasso. You’ll be able to focus on more important things (like finalizing your playlist), and you won’t have an ounce of stress.
3. Don’t forget the details! To make the event seem more intentional, say goodbye to paper forks & napkins and hello to gorgeous wood, cloth, and glass accessories. It adds a hearty dose of luxury to your staycation and makes the day seem more extravagant. We love Mark & Graham because everything is customizable, and monograms add the perfect finishing touch!

Shop the Story with Mark & Graham: 1. Wood Stop Carafe // 2. Copper Mugs // 3. Seersucker Cocktail Napkins // 4. Lacquer Trays // 5. American Chop Wood Blocks // 6. Tote

To learn more about Lasso or place an order for your next event, click here. (Lasso is currently offering delivery to Los Angeles & the Bay Area.)

To learn more about Hog Island Oyster Co., click here