Whether shopping for an event or just picking a bouquet for your kitchen table, one of the best ways to stretch your floral budget is to select flowers that are in season. To learn which flowers to pair together each season we turned to Stephanie Schur, owner of Botany, a Santa Monica floral store that just opened its second location in Pasadena. See more of her work on Instagram. Stephanie has an impressive roster of clients who trust her to craft unique arrangements. Now you can do the same! Here’s what Stephanie has to say. 

“When putting an arrangement together, I think it’s important to allow the flowers to have some like and movement, but it should still look as if you thought about what you were doing and didn’t just throw them in a vase. I really like starting with some greens or branches as a base and the selecting two or three varieties to use to build the arrangement.

In winter, I love to combine paper whites with everything! I also think it’s beautiful to use the flowering branches when they start to bloom at the end if winter with Anemones and Hellebores.

For me, fall is all about fall branches and changing leaves. I love to mix the branches with pumpkin tree for a true fall feeling arrangement.

Spring is the most beautiful time for flowers…peonies, tulips and daffodils are my favorites! They are all amazing, and I love to mix them for a bright, springy arrangement.

Summer is all about Dahlias! They come in such an incredible range of colors and sizes. My favorite is the Dinner Plate Dahlia because it’s huge. They are beautiful alone in a vase or mixed with just about anything.”

Check out the images above for a full list of seasonal flowers. Thanks for the great advice, Stephanie.