Have you ever received a handwritten card in the mail and immediately thought magic?

That’s the feeling that inspired three-year old Punkpost, a handwritten card company where artists mail cards for you.

Punkpost co-founder Alexis Monson works on the company full-time in San Francisco alongside her husband and co-founder Santiago Prieto. The dynamic duo – Monson was a former editor for Yelp and Brit + Co., while Prieto an industrial designer at IDEO – employ a team of professional artists to personalize each card.

Alexis loves sending snail mail and helping other people send it too, so we asked her to share tips for sending the ultimate thank you card after a dinner party:

1. Always start your letter with a comment of appreciation. Yes, you threw the party but likely your guests brought wine, a hostess gift, or an appetizer. And even if they didn’t, it’s always nice when friends make the effort to come over and share a meal.

2. Add something specific about the evening. Did something funny happen at the party? Did a friend deliver good news? Bring it up in your card to make it more personal.

3. Close with suggestions for another date. Make it a point to reiterate what a fabulous time you had and try to set concrete plans to see the person again. Everyone loves looking forward to something!

4. Don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom. It may seem like it goes without saying, but we see so many cards where people forget to sign off.

5. Ideally, send your note within 3 days of the dinner party. We know life can get in the way. But a surprise thank you card is always appreciated, even if it’s on the later side.

Bonus: If you took a photo at the party, send it! It’s rare to have printed photos in this digital age, but everyone appreciates having something to put on their desk or refrigerator as a memory of an incredible evening.