Eating healthy is always a goal of ours. We really do love vegetables, and not just on our pizza! But other than making a salad, often our brain gets a little stuck on what to make that’s good for us… especially after a really long day. Luckily, California Olive Ranch has partnered with other healthful brands for a Pantry Revamp, and they are offering up a whole bevy of tempting recipes that you can feel great about making regularly.

Plus, they’ve got an exciting giveaway with a few of their friends. They’ve partnered with a whole grain food company (Bob’s Red Mill), the maker of organic tomatoes, salsa, and pasta sauces (Muir Glen), a delicious chickpea pasta alternative (Banza), and the totally crave-inducing Bare Snacks. You know you want your pantry restocked with those goodies!

So if you missed part one where we shared top tips for cleaning out and revamping your pantry, click here. But not before you check out all the recipes from professional chefs and bloggers in the slideshow. And of course, don’t forget to enter the giveaway!