New Year’s Eve is one of our favorite celebrations. Dancing, champagne toasts, and a kiss at midnight is the perfect way to end the year. However, this year we’re starting a new tradition: a New Year’s Brunch! Is there anything more fabulous than gathering your closest friends for a recap of the past 12 months & a lively discussion about the new year’s resolutions?! We’re excited to welcome Katie (of Meyers Styles) and Quinn (of Quinn Cooper Style), who have put together a gorgeous tablescape to greet 2014 in style:

What was your inspiration for this event?
Our inspiration for this tablescape was New York City. Both Katie and Quinn are city girls and they wanted something modern and chic with a refined color palette. They thought using black and white as the base would create a modern vibe and added in hints of metallics to create their perfect look.

We love the glamorous, layered feel! Any tablescape tips?
Thank you! By layering items on the table, you can create such a unique feel and setting for your tablescape. We used a black tablecloth as the base and topped it off with a black and white table runner so that the other metallic items really stood out. Try using bold pops of color to create a festive feel for New Year’s Eve like gold chargers, then layer them with dinner plates and salad plates in different hues for an eclectic contrast. Use a simple centerpiece in a monochromatic color scheme like mercury hurricanes, votives, and ornaments that can easily be found this time of year and you’ll set the perfect scene for your party!

How cute are those DIY Pinecones?! What was the process?
Pinecones are quintessential for holiday / winter decoration, but Katie and Quinn wanted to put a modern twist on them. They painted the bottom half of each pinecone gold to stay in line with their color palette. And, pinecones also act as great name card holders for your guests as well!

4 pinecones
Gold paint or spray paint
A brush (if using normal paint)
Painter’s tape or masking tape

Cover half of each pinecone with tape. Paint or spray paint the exposed area of each pinecone. Let the pinecones dry completely, and place on each plate.

Budget is so often a factor in entertaining- not everyone can afford (or store) multiple place settings. What do you suggest?
Katie and Quinn would suggest making a buffet table for food and drinks. This is helpful for when you have a large amount of people at your party and not enough chairs and/or place settings. You can still decorate beautifully with a pretty table cloth and accent items such as these bold, yet inexpensive ornaments!

Table cloths and runners can make a big impact on your table. Instead of buying them from a big box store, make your own! Stop by your local fabric store and buy approximately 2 yards of inexpensive fabric or check out the scrap bins. Simply fold the edges of the fabric and iron down to make a crisp edge. Drape across your table for a glamorous look!

What are your TOP THREE TIPS to recreate this event at home?
1. Go glam for New Year’s Eve! This is the one night of the year that glitz and glamour are welcome by most people, so go bold with fun pops of color.

2. To create a truly striking and modern tablescape for your guests, the first step is to determine the vibe and color palate you’d like guests to see once they arrive. Katie typically limits her tables or parties to approximately three colors, which helps guide her vision for each event.

3. Let yourself get creative with unique items you already have around in your home! It’s all about the presentation, but certainly does not to cost a fortune. Then, top off the table with a few bottles of bubbly for guests and toast to happy new year!

We’re curious- when it comes to entertaining, what is your mantra?
The most important thing to remember is to relax and have fun! Remind yourself it’s not worth stressing over the little things – guests are much more likely to remember the fantastic evening they had as compared to every detail of the party.

Such great advice. We’ll drink to that!!

The Pear Splash
2 cups pear juice
1/2 cup pear flavored liquor
1 bottle sparkling wine
Optional: Pomegranate seeds, fresh herbs, or pear for garnish

Combine pear juice and pear-flavored liqueur in a pitcher. Stir together and chill in refrigerator until cold.

Fill champagne glass 2/3 of the way with pear mixture and top glass off with sparkling wine.

Garnish each glass with thinly sliced pear wedges, pomegranate seeds, or a sprig of fresh herbs. Cheers!

Lorde – Team
Beyonce – XO
Arcade Fire – Afterlife
Darkside – Paper Trails
Haim – Edge

StylistsKatie Meyers & Quinn Cooper

Flatware: West Elm
Salad PlatesWest Elm
Champagne Glasses: Crate & Barrel
Mercury Votives & HurricanesWest Elm
Ornaments: Jamali Floral & Garden