As we find ourselves nearly 6 weeks into the new year, we’re perplexed. As we do every December 31, we’d created a list of goals — and at the top was our health! While exercising more is always a priority, our eating habits are always the biggest hurdle. At Rue, we love to indulge. Coffee meetings include pan au chocolat, afternoons come with a sugar break, and we’ve never been known to say no to an early evening happy hour. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day candy has ruled the roost around here.
If you sit at a desk all day, you likely fall into the same category. We’ve decided… it’s time to snack smarter! Enter our new BFF: NatureBox. Think of NatureBox as your “snacking guardian angel.” Each month, you can choose from hundreds of healthy snack options and they’ll be delivered right to your door — or desk! And by healthy, we mean no hydrogenated oils, no artificial anything, and less than 200 calories in a 30 gram serving. It’s delicious, affordable, and most importantly — will get you back on track to that 2015 health goal.
The office favorite is a dead tie — it’s between the Sriracha Pop Pops and Banana Bread Granola. While we’d never say no to our Friday champagne, we’ll gladly kiss conversation hearts goodbye. Now if you’ll excuse us, we think it’s time for a little snack break.

Psst… NatureBox is generously offering a free trial so you can try their snacks at your home or office. Click here to learn more!