In my household, the dinnertime struggle is real. I have an embarrassing aversion to the kitchen — recipe planning, grocery shopping, and the act of cooking all stress me out. Truth be told, I opt for takeout more often than not.

My husband and I have tried a few meal kits in the past, hoping that the delivery of exact ingredients and easy recipes would help make the nightly routine easier while simultaneously cutting down on food waste. However, with every service we’ve tried, we’ve felt a little bummed. Either with the delivery times didn’t match our schedule, the food quality was lacking, or the taste of the final product wasn’t really something we wanted to eat. The worst offenders would end up sitting in our fridge until the ingredients had spoiled. Not exactly helping the food waste problem, right?

I first saw Martha & Marley Spoon on a friend’s Instagram account and was intrigued — why does that meal kit look way more enticing than the one I’m supposed to prepare tonight? Upon researching, I found that this meal kit has access to Martha Stewart’s archive of over 18,000 recipes (!!!) and offers 10 recipes to choose from each week. The process is tested and tested again at the Martha & Marley Spoon HQ so that the recipe will be easy to understand for even the most kitchen-illiterate. Most importantly, the food looks really appetizing. Like, better than takeout. When the Martha & Marley Spoon team reached out for me to try it, I was 100% on board.

First impressions upon arrival?  My husband and I were pleased with the package itself. We’ve received other meal kits that contained leaking ingredients, had unsafe temperatures, or just looked totally beat up on arrival. This box was pristine — no leaks! All ingredients were safely packaged and clearly labeled. Here’s what we tried:

Beef and Ginger Fried Rice: Okay, so that takeout thing? Maybe it has to do with my obsession with fried rice. I was excited to try this because I’ve never actually made fried rice at home. This was surprisingly easy, and came with a refreshing salad that balanced out the flavors of the beef. I couldn’t believe I had prepared something so good in my own kitchen!

Thai Lettuce Cups: I’ve made lettuce cups before, but this dish featured ingredients I hadn’t included before, like brown rice and jalapeños. It was a light meal and perfect for a hot day. (I made it during a major Los Angeles heat wave!) I might not pick it again because it was a little familiar, and I really enjoyed the challenge of learning a new dish the night before.

Vegetable Enchiladas: We saved the best for last. These vegetarian enchiladas were epic! At first, we felt a little disappointed when we pulled out the ingredients and remembered they didn’t include chicken. But once they were assembled and cooked, the flavor was so robust that the meat wasn’t missed one bit. Enchiladas are another favorite of mine, and so I had that tinge of pride that I’d actually made them myself.

All in all, this is a meal kit that goes above and beyond the current industry standard. The meal options inspire you to be more creative, learn new techniques, and try different ingredients. The packaging and delivery is spot on. And, most importantly, everything tastes great. While I may not give up takeout for good, I will definitely be flexing my kitchen muscles with Martha & Marley Spoon again soon.

The Martha & Marley Spoon team generously provided me with the recipes to try, but this post isn’t otherwise sponsored and the opinions expressed are my own. To learn more about Martha & Marley Spoon, click here.