Celebrated landscape designer Katharine Webster just opened her outdoor “living studio,” Dash Lane. Located in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood, Dash Lane offers hand-selected outdoor lifestyle furnishings and decorative accessories sourced from around the world. During these chillier months, outdoor entertaining isn’t so appealing but Katharine promises you can get the same al fresco feeling inside your home.
“Depending on where you live, entertaining outdoors during fall and winter months isn’t always an option,” Katharine says. “My solution: Bring the outdoors inside. Whether it’s a party with friends or an intimate family gathering, I love to blur the lines between indoor-outdoor spaces and bring nature into my home.”

Today Katharine is sharing her tips on how to bring the outdoors in, anytime of year, and we’re sharing a tour of Dash Lane in the slideshow! 

Location is Everything. An enclosed porch is the perfect space to host guests, but if you don’t have that, a location with an open window, or outdoor view works well too.

Nature is Around You. Branches, leaves, and natural objects from the outside always make the indoors feel closer to nature. Mix and match found objects and place on table tops, fireplace mantels, and kitchen counters.

Imperfection is Perfect. Incorporate something handmade, like hand blown glass or a ceramic plate- this celebrates that things do not need to look perfect, you want to show off the juxtaposition.

Cozy is Key. Add an element overhead whether it be an exterior chandelier or a plant or fern. People love to feel cozy and nestled into a space. Bringing the roof plane down helps so one does not feel so exposed.

Mix Old and New. I like to mix the old and the new, high brow and low, merging the past and the present to encourage storytelling – an important part of gathering friends and family.