With a few more weeks of warm weather lingering, it’s the perfect time for last meals outdoors. We’re craving more substantial food than picnic fare, but are still looking to celebrate the produce that is just hitting its peak. With the help of food stylist Natasha Kolenko and photographer Katie Newburn, we’ve envisioned the perfect Italian Feast with tableware to match.

We gathered up some of our favorites from Pottery Barn– the Vintage Wood Collection pizza boardcharger and serving bowls; Cambria dinner plates and platter; Ridge flatware, and recycled glass wine glasses; plus an engraved wine pull to open the rosé. (We say, if it’s warm enough to eat outside, it’s warm enough for rosé!) To pair with the rustic woods, we prepared a pasta with farm-fresh cherry tomatoes, sweet peas, basil, and a generous portion of Parmesan cheese. For a casual gathering, we opt to eat family style with a large plated serving platter. By swirling large forkfuls of pasta, we created individual sized portions that are easy for guests to serve themselves.

This simple dish is quick to put together while your guests are enjoying an aperitif. Bring it outside to a picnic table, light some candles, and dine under the stars. No outdoor space? Just throw open the windows, play some Boccherini, and you’ll feel as if you’re in Tuscany.