“Indian Summer” is defined as a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn… and the perfect opportunity to savor the last balmy moments of the year. The girls of J+G Design opted to do just that for our October issue… designing a beyond-beautiful brunch to celebrate the season, with no shortage of beautiful patterns and a view that just can’t be beat.

J+G Design is a blossoming design firm based in bustling New York City. Founded by Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright, they have a discerning design sense and a bright future. We were honored to join in on their gorgeous rooftop soiree, with menu items including a fresh fig tart with plain yogurt filling and drizzled with honey and scones made with savory spices like anise and cardamom…delicious, right?! The real show-stopper, however, is the vibrant tablescape. Today, we take a closer look at all the divine details and share a few entertaining tips along the way…


-“Incorporate jewel tones into the color palette and use lots of layers and textures. We added colorful pillows and a bright orange cotton dhurrie to create a cheerful environment.”

-“When it comes to mixing patterns we like to keep them in the same color family. In this case we used orange, fuchsia, cranberry and eggplant. Be sure to pay attention to the scale of each of the patterns you use.  To achieve a balance, contrast a larger scale with a smaller one.”

-“Since the weather can be unpredictable have colorful wraps draped over each chair as both party décor and favors. When entertaining outdoors it is important to think about the elements!”

-“Keep the menu simple and let the ingredients speak for themselves. Remember it’s not what you serve, but how you serve it! We used lots of different vessels as serving dishes. It also makes for a more interesting tabletop.”

-“When decorating a table, throw caution to the wind and add some unexpected elements, such as our elephant garden stool. It’s a fun and unusual centerpiece.”

-“Ask a music-savvy guest to create a themed playlist on Spotify to play on portable speakers from an iPhone.  Keep the tunes up beat and fun!”

-“Don’t forget a fun party favor so that your guests can go home with a memento to remember!”

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