Galentine’s Day may have been invented by the best television show ever but it’s really the message behind the faux-holiday that has kept it growing in popularity each year. As Erika de la Teja of One Social Design puts it, “The idea behind Galentine’s Day is that gal pals celebrate their friendships. It is about women celebrating women, and not just about single girls opting out of a more traditional Valentine’s Day.” So whether or not Valentine’s is something you are in to, we urge all the ladies or really anyone so inclined to not pass up a chance to celebrate those who support you.

That’s why we’re excited about this Galentine’s Day Party Erika hosted – and Erika is sharing her tips to make it your own! 

Pick a look. We at One Social Design opted for a more relaxed affair. We wanted an outdoor backyard/patio setting that was effortless. Our theme was “Will You Accept This Rosé?,” as a play on the ever so popular television show “The Bachelor.” (Editor’s note: No need to explain over here!) Many female watchers can identify with the female cast or experiences on the show and thus we thought it was an appropriate theme. 

Get invites out. We had Pirouette Paper Company come up with a savvy invite to send out, however, if you are pressed for time you can find a variety of downloadable invites online.  

Make a statement. We partnered with Creative Amme to produce some laser cut signage to enhance the party atmosphere, because let’s face it, every dinner party needs custom stir sticks right? We used trendy sayings such as “partner in wine,” “pizza of my heart,” and “Netflix is bae.” Have fun with it and come up with some sayings that are characteristic of you and your gals! 

Complete the look. To tie the design together we solicited Gaby Balloons Decor and Fleurish to add that extra flair. Balloons have totally made a comeback in the party scene and we couldn’t do without them for this one. Fleurish did a mix of dried and fresh cut florals with lots of textures and monocratic tones. Her gorgeous arrangement brought the sophistication we needed for our dinner. 

Eat up! Of course, we couldn’t do without the goodies to fill our bellies. We ordered a heart shaped pizza, as in our opinion, all pizzas should be. We ordered from our local pizza spot and you can too, they were so willing to abide by our request. We also went with our favorite rosé, from One Hope – it’s just the perfect pair to any meal. If you want to step it up a little you can so call your local party rental company and rent some fancy china and glassware, too!