Summertime means eating al fresco but if you, like me, are an apartment dweller, outside entertaining can feel out of reach. I promise, it doesn’t have to be. You can easily have a park picnic that feels just a chic as if you were hosting in your backyard. All it takes it a little planning and plenty of keeping-things-simple.

Plan a menu that you can pack and bring with you. Pesto and chicken sandwiches, a white bean salad, and corn-on-the-cob are all classic summer fare. Add in a Watermelon Fennel Gin and Tonics (recipe in the slideshow!) and don’t forget a cobbler for dessert!

As for décor, a linen tablecloth and napkins instantly transform a public picnic table. Adding in a bright pop of color is easy by wrapping cellophane from the craft store around simple glass vases with a bold selection of blooms. A beach towel in coordinating colors makes a cozy seating area. Skip the paper plates and plastic forks for something more substantial. Melamine plates are a great picnic option – lightweight, unbreakable, yet totally fool the eye. See how we threw a simple yet stylish park picnic in slideshow!