There are few things better than a day spent with your best gal pals. From catching up on gossip to laughing over old memories, we think a “girls’ day in” should be mandatory once a month! Party expert Hannah Matthew knows a thing or two about girly get-togethers. With a signature beverage, “Flower Arranging 101,” and plenty of treats- she’s created a sweet & sparkly soiree. Never ones to turn down a champagne cocktail, we just had to invite her to Rue Daily to get her secrets.

“My inspiration for this event came from all things girly and sweet — a soft color palette, delicate decor and an abundance of dainty desserts.  I had invited some of my closest girlfriends over for a “girls’ day in” so I thought it would be fun to indulge in a ladylike afternoon.  The concept started with a blush, peach and gold color palette, and I then decided to insert hints of lavender and mint.  Adding a couple more hues allowed for an overall feminine feel, as opposed to a strict 3-color scheme.  Once I had secured my palette, I started on the décor.”

“I had four main “stations” for the party: the bar area, dessert table, dining table and flower arranging space.  A blush, peach and gold tissue tassel backdrop was the perfect anchor for my dessert table.  To carry that aspect through the space, I placed a cheerful confetti filled balloon with a coordinating tassel near the bar area.  Behind the bar cart, I hung a DIY heart strand backdrop in lavender, mint and gold.  In order to emphasize each area, I got the most beautiful custom watercolor and calligraphy signs and placed them accordingly around the space (in frames, place cards at the table, labels in front of the desserts and with patterned tape on the wall).  A gold foil heart print added the perfect touch of girly-ness to the flower arranging station.  I used lacey tablecloths, gold silverware, blush glass dessert plates, milk glass cake stands and little details like rhinestone paper straws and floral ice cubes.  The key to hosting an elegant get-together is all in the details.”

“When the girls arrived at my house, we poured raspberry vanilla cocktails and chatted around the bar area.  Then we took our places at the dining table and everyone helped themselves to the dessert buffet, which included blackberry macarons, strawberry cupcakes, vanilla cake pops, key lime tarts and jars filled with white chocolate pretzels, cappuccino meringues and party popcorn.  After indulging in some sweets, we headed over to the flower space to create some beautiful arrangements—a fun activity and the perfect party favor!”

1) Invite your nearest and dearest girlfriends!  The company shared is what truly makes the day so joyful.
2) Go over-the-top girly with your menu, activities and décor.  It’s the most appropriate time to pull out all things pretty and sparkly.
3) Concoct a signature drink.  It’s a great way for everyone to try something new.
4) Have a fun yet simple activity for your guests.  Flower arranging is a nice way for everyone to be creative and take home something lovely.
5) Serve plenty of sweet treats!

1 cup raspberries, rinsed
1 tablespoon sugar
2 ounces vanilla vodka
1 bottle rosé champagne

Puree the raspberries and sugar until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is smooth.  Strain to remove the seeds.  Pour into a martini stirrer and add the vanilla vodka.  Stir to combine.  Pour an even amount of the mixture into 4 martini glasses rimmed with sprinkles.  Top off each glass with rosé champagne (careful, it will fizz) and garnish with fresh raspberries. Enjoy!

–Styling, desserts & decor by Hannah Matthew of Sweets & Celebrations
–Photography by Monica Wang Photography
–Tissue tassel backdrop, confetti balloon, and balloon tassel by One Stylish Party via Etsy
–Calligraphy & watercolor signs and labels by Moira Ink
–Gold foil heart print by Kardz Kouture