When it comes to a gorgeous patio space, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Comfort is key, and the quickest way to achieve that is by bringing the principals of indoor living, outside! Stylist Emily Henderson, armed with a plethora of beautiful Target wares, created our dream patio. If you head over to Target’s YouTube channel, you can see Emily take a patio from blank canvas to picture-perfect outdoor lounge. As you watch, you’ll gain tips on how to make a luxurious, memorable outdoor living space without crushing your budget. We were so inspired by the final result that we’re ready to host an outdoor party of our own, but wanted to tap Emily for her tips first. You might want to write these down…

  1. Channel your inner-party goer. My inner-party-goer wants a space that feels really comfortable, relaxing, but with enough happening that it feels special and festive. You want it to be functional, of course, but it should also feel inviting and warm. Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match seating and table options. This set is one of my favorites for the summer season.
  1. Lighting is so important. Nothing makes me want to pay the bill faster than a super brightly lit restaurant so turn those flood lights off, and get some more ambient lighting. Light your party from above to create a ceiling effect and make the space feel more intimate. This also helps to distribute the light more evenly. You could even get your DIY on and drop Christmas string lights into a wire storage basket for a creative and dramatic chandelier alternative. Then finish it off with an assortment of tabletop lights – candles, lanterns and votives like this, to add a little moodiness.
  1. Make your outdoor space look effortlessly lived-in chic by adding layers of rugs, pillows and throws. These will help your guests feel like they are in the comfort of your living room, while enjoying the benefits of the great outdoors.
  1. Set up an outdoor food and beverage station so your guests can help themselves throughout the night without having to go inside. Move your bar cart outdoors and deck it out with various drinks and snacks. I’m all about punch – you make it once and you are DONE. People can drink as little or as much as they want.
  1. Plants are to outside entertaining what flowers are to indoor parties. I love arranging succulents in different planters of varying shapes and sizes and placing them throughout the outdoor area – on side tables, ledges and benches. The best part about plants and succulents is that you can enjoy them long after the party. And they are hard to kill. And I like hanging out with anything that is hard to kill – it makes my life a little less stressful.

For more tips, and to see the Indoor Living, Outside transformation, click here. And be sure to click through our slideshow below. You’ll find all the details and product information you need to bring this look to your own backyard!