Spotted the perfect style on Pinterest but not sure how to communicate your dreams to your stylist? Or perhaps you are desperately trying to figure out what to do when a haircut goes astray? Sure, there are always topknots and chanting mantras (it’s only hair… it’ll grow back… it’s only hair… it’ll grow back…) but is there a way to fix it? Just because you and your stylist had a miscommunication, there is no need to break up. Corinna Hernandez, an instructor for Bumble and Bumble stylists, shares her tips for those sitting in a stylist’s chair. Between her travels around the country leading trainings, once a month you can find Corinna at Edo Salon and we’re glad to have her with us today. Here’s her advice.

Do prepare for your haircut. The way to help your stylist give you the cut you want is to collect images of all the hairstyles you find attractive. More than one picture is ok and explaining what you find attractive about the images is also helpful. For example, maybe it’s just the bangs or length that you like, or even just the texture. Every bit of information will be beneficial. Ask your stylist her opinion as well. A professional stylist will know how to look at you and explain (nicely) to you why something will or will not work. If you don’t feel comfortable you don’t have to get the service.

Do be a few minutes early. If your stylist is ahead of schedule, you may be seen earlier. If not, an assistant may even be able to get you all set up while your stylist finishes with the previous client. This also gives you time to relax, which should be a key part of any salon trip.

Don’t feel the need to prep. You don’t have to wash your hair, your stylist will. (Always a highlight!)

Do let your stylist do their job. We love to visit with you but remember we are concentrating on giving you a great cut and perfectly fine with little conversation. (Avoid a super chatty stylist, she or he may not be giving your hair the proper attention.

Don’t stay silent. During your cut, if you aren’t sure you that are loving the direction your style is going speak up. Your stylist should be able to explain what they have done and are planning next to get you to the look you want. If you do all the above and at the end you are unhappy with your cut, please tell your stylist why. (Just say it nicely!)Your stylist should be able to fix it, or at least not make you pay for the cut. If your stylist gets defensive or mean, it could be because she/he doesn’t have enough experience or knowledge to give you what you want and you shouldn’t return to her/him.

Do tip. If you are happy with your service, it is customary to tip 20%. If you come in for a bang trim that is complimentary, gratuity is appreciated.