Candace Kalasky has quite a resume. She’s the owner and Creative Director of Weddings + Events, and the Web Coordinator here at Rue. But her next job is going to be the most important yet – motherhood. Candace and her husband are expecting their first child, a baby boy, and we couldn’t be more excited for her! To celebrate this time, Candace’s family threw her a baby shower at her favorite restaurant. However, as an event designer, Candace couldn’t help but join in on the planning.

This party is so cute, Candace! How did you choose the venue?
The Grey Plume is one of my favorite restaurants in Omaha. We chose the restaurant because of its natural light, intimate atmosphere, simple design, and of course the amazing food.

We can’t help but notice the cute llama accents everywhere. What can you tell us about that?
When I found out that we were expecting a baby boy, I had a really hard time designing the nursery. I didn’t want to get stuck with a theme that he would grow out of, but I struggled coming up with a cohesive plan. I finally came across a glider that was upholstered in a blue ikat print. I decided to fill the nursery with various patterns in blues and grays. The patterns I selected reminded me of the beautiful Andean textiles you see in South America, so I decided to incorporate llamas, one of my favorite animals, into the nursery design which then carried over to the baby shower.

How was designing an event for yourself different from designing for a client?
The events I design are a reflection of our clients – their design aesthetic and personal styles. When I begin working with a client, I want to know what makes them tick, what they value, and the people, places, and things they are drawn to. My goal is to personally design an event that reflects their unique qualities as individuals and as a couple. This process can take a significant amount of time, so it’s much easier to design an event for myself. I get to spend less time in the discovery/research phase and more time designing.

The food sounds amazing. What was your favorite dish on the menu?
I always order something savory AND something sweet whenever I go out for brunch, so it was important for us to have The Grey Plume come up with a menu that had that combination. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite, but the french toast was really delicious.

Finally, we adore the stationery. What are your tips for creating a mix & match invite that still looks sophisticated?
We had a lot of fun designing the stationery. In order to mix so many patterns and textures together, we had to focus on using patterns that had different scale but were similar in style and color. By incorporating one bold font, your eye is drawn to the invitation text first and then to the fun embellishments such as the wooden tag with the foil stamped llama and the various patterns incorporated in the details card and envelope liner.

For a closer look at the delightful details, start the slideshow!

Venue/Food: The Grey Plume
Event Design & Graphic Design:
Calligraphy: Pretty Paperie
Letterpress Printing: Inclosed
Flowers: Bouquet
Tabletop Rentals: Borrowed Blu
Blue Glassware: Nostalgia
Photography: Scarlett Crews
Hair/Makeup: Kontempo
Favors: Parker’s Custom Cookies