When you are an event planner, it’s hard to hand the reins over to someone else. So when it was time for Jaleh Fotoohi’s bridal shower, she knew exactly how to plan the perfect day. Held at her home in West Vancouver for 25 guests, Jaleh planned the bash with a boho theme, saying “I think I was boho girl in my past life! I knew from long time ago that my bridal shower will be a Boho themed event.”

The event is a fresh take on the theme in pinks and purples. “I also knew that I want to stay away from the usual and mix the idea with a bit of modernist colors and elements that are unique to create an experience for my family and friends, in order to create memories that last forever for all of us.”

See the soirée and get Jaleh’s tips for hosting a bridal shower in the slideshow.