The holiday season is upon us and it seemed like a good time to return to the topic of travel and being a guest. We’ve written in the past about overnight guests for hosts, but now we tackle what to do as the overnight guest.

Be clear about your travel plans- and arrange your transportation. Let your host know exactly when you plan to arrive in town and when you’ll get to their house. This gives them the opportunity to pick you up from the airport if convenient in their schedule without imposing.

Plan some alone time. While your host is likely delighted to have you visiting, it can also be draining to constantly entertain. As the guest, take the time to plan a few hours where you explore on your own or even just head to a local coffee shop with a book.

Ask what do with your linens. While most will tell you to just leave them on the bed, offering to pile up your bed linens and towels is a simple gesture that shows you understand the extra work your host is putting in.

Have a point of view. Often hosts will offer a list of suggestions for activities or restaurants. Don’t feel you can’t offer your opinion about what sounds most exciting. “Burmese? Never had it, but sounds exciting” is more thrilling to a host than “oh, wherever you like.”

Beyond these, just enjoy your time reconnecting with your host, bring a hostess gift, and have a great trip!