Winter travel can be brutal. Whether it’s a cross-country red-eye or a 2 hour road trip to see your folks, the stress that accompanies traveling for the holidays can ruin the spirit of the season! While we can’t control what the travel gods throw our way, we can control our wardrobes. And when it comes right down to it… comfort is key!

Whether it’s by plane, train, or automobile – you can arrive at your destination in style while still keeping comfort a priority. Here are our top travel style tips:

-Sweatpants have been totally reinvented and dare we say it, are appropriate to wear in public. (We promise!) Simply pair with a shirt that’s a little dressier to balance out the look.
-If you’d be more comfortable in denim, pick a pair with a little stretch and add a loose-fitting sweatshirt.
-If you’re traveling by plane, don’t forget an oversized scarf. You can use it for a blanket if the cabin is extra chilly.
-Another tip for air travel? Wear your boots! They’re usually the heaviest, which makes for a little more weight allowance in that checked luggage (and room for all the gifts you’ll likely be hauling home).
-Our final suggestion? A travel candle! It will help you relax once you arrive at your destination.

If you’re an expert traveler, we’d love to know your wardrobe tips! Leave a comment below… and safe travels!

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