Fashion is full of rules, but at Rue– we believe rules were made to be broken! One of the first “rules of fashion” is that white clothing is a summer-staple, but should go directly into storage after Labor Day.  This was invented in the early 1900s by the women of high society, and continued to be heavily enforced well into the 1960s and beyond. There is not a clear definition as to why this was ever put into place, but ideas vary from separating old money from new or simply that white was not practical in the dirty months of winter. Either way, we’re glad it’s been put to rest and we’re planning as many different ways to incorporate white and other cream-based neutrals into our fall fashion lineup.

We love the look of layering white and cream with other neutrals, as illustrated in Outfit 1. Bonus points for multiple textures- turns out, leather and organza were born to be side by side! If you prefer a more casual, subdued look- pair your white denim with grays. It’s still quite monochromatic but has just the right amount of contrast.

We (obviously) are huge fans of both looks, but we’re curious- which look would you wear?

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Blouse // 2. Earrings // 3. Jacket // 4. Rings // 5. Purse // 6. Skirt // 7. Booties // OUTFIT 2: 1. Blouse // 2. Jeans // 3. Earrings // 4. Necklace // 5. Tote // 6. Loafers  // 7. Sunglasses