For our last installment of Wedding Wardrobes, we’re straying from “dress-code” rules and instead discussing the personal style side. While some events require formal wear and ALL weddings require that (as a guest) you’d never wear all-white… others take place in barnyards or on a picturesque mountainside and allow you to dress with a theme in mind. If the couple has made the theme clear, don’t be afraid to dress the part. For a whimsical, bohemian wedding- mix prints, layer on jewelry, and skip the elaborate updo for beachy waves and a chic barrette. For something more rustic, wear a classic silhouette paired with cute ankle boots, and be ready to dance the night away! You don’t need to interpret the theme too literally (don’t think “costume party!!”), but by incorporating a few elements into your look- you’ll support the overall aesthetic of the couple’s big day. Personally, we love the bohemian outfit. Which one is your favorite??

Shop Rue: BOHEMIAN: 1. Sunglasses // 2. Dress // 3. Bracelets // 4. Scarf // 5. Clutch // 6. Pumps // 7. Barrette // RUSTIC: 1. Sunglasses // 2. Dress // 3. Bag // 4. Earrings // 5. Lipgloss // 6. Boots // 7. Bracelet