Our Market Editor, Victoria de la Camara shares her review of one of the beauty industry’s most disrupting brands, Beauty Pie, founded by Marcia Kilgore who also happens to be the founder of Bliss. Victoria tested 7 of some of their most popular products to give us her take on the brand.

In beauty editor lingo, there’s “mass” and then there’s “prestige”. “Mass” are those brands and products that you’re likely to find at your local supermarket or pharmacy – some have become classics, I’m looking at you Maybelline Great Lash – and “prestige” refers to items that are high quality but also high-priced. We all dabble in both, testing what works for us depending on how big of a budget we have to work with. For those who may not know Beauty Pie yet, it’s a brand that breaks that mass/prestige delineation. Imagine a world where you can get “prestige” quality products at “mass” prices. Sounds too good to be true? I too was skeptical, nay curious.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: Beauty Pie offers their customers high-quality beauty products at cost (taking into account packaging price, warehousing, safety, and testing) but with a monthly subscription fee attached. For as low as $5/month, or £5/month in the UK, you have access to any of their products at a highly reduced cost (a retinol serum that normally costs $100, would only cost you $12.01). Depending on your subscription, the total price of products you can purchase is limited. Sounds like a deal regardless: if I want that $100 serum, just with that one product it would work out in my favor to subscribe and purchase it as $12.01. But the question I had, is it worth subscribing to and mainly purchasing beauty products from just one brand?

Click on the slideshow to find out what I think after having tried 7 of their products…