This season’s fashion must–have? The poncho! It’s a look we didn’t expect to return to so soon (especially after the awkward iteration of the early 2000s), but we’re so glad it’s back. Spotted on on everyone from celebrities to street style stars to that stylish girl you saw at the coffee shop… we’re pretty sure that the poncho is the item to own this winter. And even more than its high-end vibe, we love how comfortable and cozy they are. You’re essentially wearing a blanket out the door but you look like a fashion icon. The best!

We turned to Zara to select two ponchos at the top of our wish list, and styled them for both the workday and the weekend. With luxe patterns and textiles, this is a piece you can wear just as easily in the office as you could at the pumpkin patch. Of course, we’ll also be styling ours for a Netflix movie marathon on the couch. Tell us- is this a trend you’ll be adopting this autumn?

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Dress // 2. Necklace // 3. Poncho // 4. Highlighter // 5. Bag // 6. Slingback Mules // OUTFIT 2: 1. Matte Nail Polish // 2. Top // 3. Sunglasses // 4. Sneakers // 5. Poncho // 6. Jeans