Our favorite piece of clothing for fall? Easy- a plain white tee! Every closet needs at least one (or 11), and this tee by Splendid fits the bill. It drapes in all the right places, and is super high quality so you’ll be able to wear it right into next spring.

A plain white tee is the ideal starting point to rock all of fall’s biggest trends. Pair it with an embellished vest (like this affordable one from H&M), bootcut jeans, and a sleek black bag. We love this look because it easily transitions from day to night. Looks like we’ve got our new uniform!

Of course, this season we’re also seeing a lot of printed pants. Our tee looks perfect partnered with this burgundy pair. We added a heavy statement necklace and otherwise neutral accessories to finish the look. When it comes to bold pants, be mindful when styling! While we’re all about print mixing, we like to let the white tee be the glue that holds the outfit together.

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Ring // 2. Tee // 3. Jeans // 4. Bag // 5. Vest // OUTFIT 2: 1. Pants // 2. Tee // 3. Necklace // 4. Bag // 5. Shoes