“Our mission is to change the way people think about ingredients and products they put on their bodies, says Annie Jackson, Co-Founder + COO of Credo, a San-Francisco based beauty retailer that stocks the best in clean, non-toxic beauty products. For their eight locations across the US, plus their online store, Credo has one of the most comprehensive Dirty Ingredient list in the industry, all in order to create a safer, more sustainable, more ethical beauty industry.

While selective about their ingredients, Credo carries 115 brands focused on beauty and of those, 90% are founded by a woman and/or have a female CEO. Annie says, “I can’t think of a single industry where 90% of the leadership comes from women. At Credo too, our entire executive team is working mothers, and actually our entire HQ team is female. We care about making sure that our customers have non-toxic and safe options, because we are those customers and they are our friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.”

Credo’s focus on safe materials doesn’t exclude beautiful packaging or making sure their products perform. The days of buying natural beauty products at the coop are over. “The pioneers of natural beauty in the 70¹s/early 80¹s provided healthy ingredients without the beautiful packaging, texture, scent or even the efficacy,” according to Annie. “They were visionary brands but they forced women into making an intellectual choice of style over substance, or substance over style in this case, and essentially that meant health before beauty. At Credo we believe that there are an entire new generation of creators that are offering both.”

“We started Credo to give this movement a platform in an elegant, modern and inspirational environment. In the brands we have selected we have assembled the most comprehensive group of passionate entrepreneurs and product specialists that are all determined to be part of this movement to bring beauty and healthy together. They are the Estee Lauders of their generation, but they have a significantly more profound and holistic approach to their vision. One that not only has beautiful packaging, efficacy, texture and scent, but is also balanced with being clean, safe and sustainable. These creators and their brands are simply reflective of the evolved state of enlightenment that our communities are today.”

Hear more from some of Credo’s female run brands in the slideshow!