This August, we’re celebrating life’s little luxuries. From opulent abodes to lavish beauty treatments- we’re sharing all of our favorite ways to treat yourself. On that note, what’s more indulgent than staying in your pajamas all day? Keep in mind- we’re not talking old yoga pants and threadbare tees!! We’re dreaming of quality materials that evoke pure extravagance.  While these looks are obviously not office-friendly, they’re the ultimate in luxury loungewear. How to recreate these styles at home?? If you’re most comfortable in sweats and a tee, add a soft sweater instead of a ratty old hoodie. And don’t forget your undergarments! The best way to glam up any loungewear outfit is by adding something a little fabulous underneath. After all… luxury is a state of mind!!

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Sweats // 2. Pillow // 3. Tee // 4. Briefs // 5. Sweater // OUTFIT 2: 1. Throw // 2. Intimates // 3. iPad Cover // 4. Lotion // 5. Body Brush // 6. Slippers // 7. Hair Ties