Fashion is obsessed with youth, so they say. But we see that it also reveres its veteran style icons that have been in the industry for years and have maintained a unique perspective throughout the comings and goings of fads and trends. One of our favorites is Linda Rodin. She breaks all boundaries of conventional style conduct, marching to the beat of her own drum, and we couldn’t be more inspired.

Cover up any and all grays? Nope. Linda’s first sign of rebellion is that she flaunts her silver locks. Something that started to set in at the early age of 35, she nonchalantly states that she never wanted to change it. Likewise she makes bold choices of footwear – whether it’s ballet shoes (the kind that look straight out of a dance studio), fashion sneakers or combat boots, all is fair game if it completes her look. Nothing is off limits for Linda.

One thing that we could really learn from this style icon is that intuition and effortlessness can be transformative factors. Sure, you can be concerned about how you look but if it doesn’t feel true to you, discard it. Nothing Linda wears seems to be dictated by anything other than her personal preferences. Similarly, her eponymous beauty line came from a moment of intuition, chance and a scaled down approach to skincare. Rodin’s Olio Lusso was the product of a trip to a health food store where she purchased her favorite essential oils and intuitively mixed them together to create a mixture that both makeup artists and models loved. From there, a great new hard hitter in the beauty business was born.

Linda is just pure inspiration – it’s a welcomed sight to see a women over 50 wear whatever trends she wants. Nothing is an absolute barrier to what we truly want.

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