While we adore Halloween (hello, mini candy bars and jack-o-lanterns!!), we’re not too keen on dropping a pretty penny for a costume we’ll only wear once. We much prefer to dress up in fashion-forward items that are open for interpretation.

If you’re like us and in need of some last minute costume inspiration, look no further!! We’ve put together 4 quick & easy costumes using items you likely already have. And if you need to purchase one or two items, we made sure (almost) everything would be something you’d want to wear again and again.

Channel Daisy Buchanan as a 1920’s Flapper! Keep your skin matte and flawless, and don’t forget a bright red lip. 1920’S FLAPPER: 1. Lipstick // 2. Dress // 3. Necklace // 4. Hair Pins // 5. Foundation // 6. Pumps

When you’re finished twirling in your ballerina costume, set the dress aside for holiday parties! Paired with a cute flannel top, sparkly accessories, and your favorite heels- you’ll be set for any holiday invite thrown your way. BALLERINA: 1. Headband // 2. Lip Gloss // 3. Blush // 4. “Tutu” // 5. Nail Polish // 6. Slippers

The Summer of Love has long inspired our favorite Halloween looks. Style your hair with loose waves and keep makeup minimal! FLOWER CHILD: 1. Sunglasses // 2. Flower Crown // 3. Dress // 4. Sandals // 5. Top

Perhaps the easiest costume of them all! We actually have had that leopard sweater on our wish lists for awhile, so it only makes sense to add an inexpensive pair of cat ears and call it a costume. Meow! CAT: 1. Dress // 2. Ring // 3. Sweater // 4. Ears // 5. Pumps

Which look will you be wearing on the 31st?