Lace is one of our favorite materials to wear because it is SO versatile! It can be classic, romantic, dramatic, or edgy. With so many variations, we believe you can incorporate lace into any look! For example, a modest lace dress is a perfect staple for your office wardrobe. Remember to pick an item with a longer hem and higher neckline to keep the lady-like fabric boardroom appropriate. A structured bag and blazer are must-haves, but don’t be afraid to show a little personality! These cap-toe heels keep the outfit from feeling too plain.

If you’re heading to a music festival, a relaxed lace top (like this one from Madewell) is a great option. Our must have items to accompany it? A cross-body bag to keep your belongings safe, flat sandals for comfort, dark sunglasses to channel your inner-rockstar, and please don’t forget the sunscreen! While we clearly love lace, we’re not 100% on-board with a lace patterned sunburn.

We want to know- which look will you be wearing this month??

Shop Rue: The Office: 1. Dress // 2. Bag // 3. Blazer // 4. Pumps // 5. Eyeshadow // 6. Watch // Music Festival: 1. Necklace // 2. Top // 3. Bag // 4. Sandals // 5. Rings // 6. Sunscreen // 7. Shorts // 8. Sunglasses