Jeanne Damas’ style is quintessential Parisian chic – it’s mercurial, playful, and always simple. Don’t take our word for it, even Garance Doré agrees. For those of us who admire a woman who knows how to effortlessly put a great outfit together – and most importantly, in a flattering way – it’s time to take a closer look at how Jeanne pulls it off.

The thing that most captures this style icon’s approach to fashion is the concept of change and whimsy: you get the sense that Jeanne knows what looks good on her, but also doesn’t get too deeply set in one look. She might be in a skirt one day, in pants on another, and tights and shorts to change it all up. She goes with her mood, never following trends too closely. She’s our generation’s Jane Birkin – laid-back, urban, and bohemian. She loves a high waist (definitely flattering to those with a boyish figure), a great pair of ankle boots, and a simple blouse made of the best material (the finest cotton, silk, or wool).

What remains constant in Jeanne’s look, the crux of it all, is her beauty routine. Like many Parisian girls, she’s found her products, her regimen, and her makeup look, and sticks to it. It’s about highlighting your natural assets by insisting on using the right creams, conditioners, and cleansers, and dialing down the amount of concealer, eyeliner and foundation you use. Jeanne swears by Klorane hair products, La Roche-Posay moisturizer and Aesop’s face cream. She puts on a minimal amount of eye-makeup but never skips on a great lipstick to show of her full lips.

With Jeanne as inspiration, we’re going to pick up a few cleansers and moisturizers and take advantage of the cold weather to stay in this weekend for some extra attention to our beauty routine. Maybe by Monday we’ll be looking as fresh-faced as Jeanne.

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