At the Rue HQ, we’re known to indulge in sweet treats, decadent decor, and the occasional getaway. And while we like to think the pampering stops there, we may have a thing for accessories too. You can imagine how we felt when we laid eyes on this season’s It Bag. Say hello to 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pashli, a tote we can’t get enough of- and its popularity is just getting started. Sophisticated yet edgy, this bag is the perfect marriage of styles. Tote it along for a day in the boardroom, or pair it with a casual outfit- it, and you, will always look fabulous.

Our rule of thumb when making a large purchase like this?? Avoid impulse purchases at all costs! Evaluate your closet and choose a color that will complement the hues you reach for most. For us, black works best- but if you tend to wear a lighter palette, this one may suit you better. We’re pretty positive that a bag like this is the ultimate way to treat yourself.

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