When it comes to international travel, your style is going to obviously vary based on the country you’re visiting. Our number one style tip is to research the customs and etiquette before you pack. For example, If you’re visiting a country with deeply religious beliefs, it is wise and respectful to dress modestly. While your international style will totally change due to weather, activities, and locations- we have a few tips that we find helpful no matter where you’re jetting off to.

First, a small cross-body bag (like this or this) is essential. You’ll want to keep your belongings close and easily accessible, and it helps to be hands-free while exploring. Basically, say yes to the jumbo-jet and NO to the jumbo-sized tote! In addition, we think a lightweight scarf is a must. You can tie it to your bag if it’s too warm to wear or throw it on over your shoulders if you’re entering a church or other holy place.

For years, the calling card of American tourists has been white sneakers. We think sneakers are important for comfort since you’ll likely be getting the lay of the land by foot, but suggest something slightly chicer so you don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you’re happier in sandals, a well-constructed pair with a comfortable sole works great. Just make sure you’ve worn them before so you aren’t dealing with annoying blisters on your trip.

Lastly, an important factor in packing for international travel is choosing a color palette that will mix and match easily. By filling your suitcase with a few neutral staples, you’ll save space while ensuring you have a new look to wear every day of your trip. Of course- keeping comfort in mind is equally significant so that you can truly immerse yourself in the culture, NOT spend your travels tugging on hemlines or worried about a too-tight waistline. With all of these tips in mind… we’re ready to say Bon Voyage!

Do you have any fun international trips planned? Let us know in the comments- and we’d love to know what you’ll be wearing!

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