Our favorite thing about summer is definitely the easy going vibes that tend to make our long summer days one large blur of relaxing and fun. Since we can’t keep the sun around we’ve decided the best we can do is bring those good vibrations into the rest of the year through our wardrobe. Wearing patterns and colors that evoke a relaxed attitude can definitely bring an element of summer into the rest of the seasons. Gold accessories are definitely a must since in the summer months we wear gold to complement our tan. To help you seamlessly transition from summer to fall we have created two looks that will instantly make you feel like warm easy-going days are still near.

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: // 1.  Dress // 2. Purse // 3. Earrings // 4.  Perfume // 5.  Boots // 6. Bracelet // 7. Lashes // OUTFIT 2: // 1. Bracelet // 2. Pants // 3. Shirt // 4. Nail polish // 5. Lipstick // 6. Boots // 7. Hat // 8. Sunglasses