Even though temps are still high, the first day of fall is just under two weeks away and we plan to embrace the season wholeheartedly. It’s our favorite time of year to dress for — there’s room for creativity as you mix and match luxe layers and cozy textures. We always look forward to creating at least fifteen fresh outfits with one good sweater as the star. Long story short, we’re ready to hang up our sundresses and break out the cashmere.

We’ve built a dream outfit beginning with the Garnet Hill Cashmere Batwing Cape Sweater, and for reasons beyond its fashion-forward silhouette. Garnet Hill sources its cashmere from multi-generational family farms located in Inner Mongolia, where changeable weather patterns have resulted in Kashmir goats that have undercoats with longer, loftier, softer fibers. The fibers are harvested just once a year and typically combed by hand. All of these elements result in the highest-quality fibers — cashmere that resists pilling without compromising strength. As if that’s not enough, the textile goes to a maker who links each seam by hand, and only sells to high-end European clothiers, and lucky for us — US-based Garnet Hill.

We are big fans of their entire cashmere collection, but are especially fond of the loose fit of the batwing cape sweater. It’s flowy, but not sloppy, with a flattering neckline and fitted cuff. We’ll be wearing it with a straight ankle jean and a silk camisole, which is sand-washed so it’s extra soft. For accessories, a low ankle boot, a labradorite cuff, and a cashmere and silk fringe scarf add the bohemian flair we love.

Of course, we’ll be creating many looks with the sweater — think at the office with a fitted faux-leather pencil skirt or a pair of tweed trousers, even with our favorite yoga pants while lounging at home. How would you style it?

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