It seems as though 2019 has been my year of travel. There have been business trips to Atlanta, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Chicago, and Sonoma. For fun, I’ve ventured to New Orleans, Portland, Ojai, London, Rome, Florence, and a tiny town in Italy called Fivizzano. Needless to say, I never make it more than a week or two without a trip to the airport! My roller bag is always ready to go with my toiletry bag and even a pair of pajamas. (Just add clothes!)

Once it occurred to me that I was in airports more often than not, I took stock of my essentials and realized the one thing I needed to upgrade was my “personal item” — something that would fit under an airline seat yet carry all of the items I reach for most when traveling. The bag would need to fit my laptop, have plenty of compartments to organize both office supplies and beauty products (I am definitely one of those “everything in its place” gals), and look professional enough for business trips yet stylish enough that I’d want to tote it along on vacation.

When Lo & Sons announced their new bag, The Rowledge, I knew at first glance it’d be perfect. It’s part backpack, part briefcase — one of those “do it all” pieces I’ll use for years to come. It’s got a lightweight and water-resistant nylon exterior and elegant leather details. It has tons of smart storage, from a secret pocket that will hold a phone or passport, to a cushioned and water-resistant laptop sleeve. There is also a removable insert — I leave it in when I need more pockets for a work trip, and take it out when I want to bring an extra jacket or just have some space for souvenirs.

Can you tell I get excited about things like this? Truth by told, it’s rare that a product is this well designed, fully functional, and still really stylish. In the slideshow, I share the essentials I rely on no matter the destination. (And of course, they all fit in the bag with ease.)