Our favorite fashion trend to come out of 2018 is sneakers with dresses. And when it comes to sneakers, we’ve got a new favorite: Plae. Founded by former Puma lead designer Ryan Ringholz, the sneakers are insanely comfortable — in our experience, there’s no “breaking in” period — and each style features something unique. (The STAELACE system eliminates the need to tie your shoes, lace catchers keep you from tripping, and some pairs have a seam sealed waterproof membrane and gusseted tongue keep water from slipping past the laces.) Each style comes in quite a few colors so you can find a look you love. 

We’re styling our marigold Plae sneakers with a classic floral midi dress and two trendy pieces — a turban headband and a bucket bag. As an added bonus, this dress will be extra forgiving when you go back for seconds on Thanksgiving!  

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