This August, we’ve enjoyed all things luxurious. From the obvious shoes and purses to our personal favorite, loungewear, we’ve cozied up to the idea of unlimited shopping budgets. To end the month on a high note, we thought we’d give you a look into our dream closets. Of course, each and every item on today’s feature counts as an investment, and we’ll likely not make the splurge anytime soon. But girls can dream- right??

We’re obsessing over metallics for fall, so it was a no brainer to add some sparkle into each look. Whether it’s a sleek pair of trousers or a jacquard mini dress- we’ve dreamed up the perfect accessories to go with. Personally, we can’t choose a favorite look, but are curious- which do you love the most?

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Pants // 2. Bracelet // 3. Top // 4. Shoes // 5. Bag // OUTFIT 2: 1. Dress // 2. Clutch // 3. Necklace // 4. Blazer // 5. Shoes