It’s not often that you’ll find the team at Rue dressed in bright, vibrant colors. (You can find recent evidence here, here, or here.) When it comes to clothing, we tend to gravitate towards neutrals with the occasional colorful accent or accessory. Neutrals are safe. They’re more conducive for more mixing & matching. And – we’ll say it – there comes a point where they’re just plain boring.

Fresh on the heels of #RueColor, we realized we’re craving a few more brights in our closets. We pulled two color combos directly from the pages and created our dream outfits. Both looks include classic silhouettes, so they appeal to even the most color-adverse. With a few neutral accessories, the bold pieces seem totally approachable – and at the top of our wish lists!! To see our original inspiration, visit the Editors’ Picks here!

We’re curious – do you love to wear color? Let us know your tips & tricks for wearing color year round in the comments below.

Shop Rue: OUTFIT 1: 1. Top // 2. Trousers // 3. Bracelet // 4. Ring // 5. Shoes // 6. Bag // OUTFIT 2: 1. Necklace // 2. Tote // 3. Ring // 4. Skirt // 5. Pumps // 6. Sweater