If we had it our way, we’d wear a classic button up every day of the week! It is the ultimate closet must-have, and when the weather warms up- this linen version is absolute perfection. Wear it as a swimsuit cover up, for errands around town, or during a presentation in the boardroom- you’ll always look polished and timeless.

Though we love the idea of a classic shirt with ballet flats and basic jeans- we plan on pairing it with slightly bolder pieces this season. During the day, a brightly patterned skirt and sandals create a luxe but laid-back look. If you’re heading to happy hour, partner the top with some metallics and incorporate darker hues for extra drama. TIP: Tuck a statement necklace under the collar for added glamour!

Shop Rue: DAY: 1. Foundation // 2. Button Up // 3. Necklace // 4. Bag // 5. Sandals // 6. Skirt // NIGHT: 1. Necklace // 2. Button Up // 3. Rings // 4. Pants // 5. Clutch // 6. Pumps