CBD is having a major moment in the wellness industry, from tinctures to bath soaks to sparkling beverages. If you’re unfamiliar, CBD is short for cannabidiol — a natural (and non-psychoactive!) compound found in hemp and marijuana. The CBD industry is a young one, but growing quickly and for good reason. It has been shown to help with a variety of ailments from anxiety and stress to sore muscles.

When we started seeing CBD pop up in our skincare, we were curious and wanted to chat with an expert in the area. Allison Tryk is the co-founder of Floramye, a skincare company that utilizes full-spectrum, organic hemp CBD oil in their facial oils, body cremes, and elixirs. Allison and her co-founder Sarah had experienced the benefits of CBD firsthand, and wanted to find a way to elegantly share it with the public. Allison tells us more, including some sage advice for those who might be on the fence:

When did you first start using CBD? 
I started using CBD when I had a bulging disc in my neck that radiated pain down my arm. None of the muscle relaxers or pain killers helped, and they made me groggy. CBD worked for me immediately, and I was instantly amazed by this powerful remedy. It has also worked tremendously for my husband, who played in the NFL and broke his back. We shared it with his best friend, a drummer, and it helped with his tendonitis. His wife, Sarah (co-founder of Floramye) and I share in the excitement and the relief it brings our families… From this, Floramye was born!

How did that evolve into a business, specifically for skincare? What are some of the top benefits about using CBD in skincare?
Through our own evolution of understanding CBD, we explored the effects topically and were impressed with the skin care abilities. While we cannot claim these benefits due to FDA restrictions, we have found that it dramatically improves eczema, acne, redness and puffiness. This is simply what we’ve seen with our own eyes and have been so impressed with. The facial/body oil was a must for us when formulating the line.  

Tell us a little bit about the product line. What is the difference between the different oils and creams?
Our product line is our “best of” list: our favorite products that improve our lives on a daily basis. We created two scent profiles for each product (the elixir, balancing facial & body oil and creme). Phenom is a grape seed oil base and is floral, with all of the organic essential oils selected for their healing properties (not to mention their amazing scents: rose otto; neroli; jasmine, etc). Bravura is a jojoba base and an earthier blend with sandalwood and frankincense. We love to learn where people’s preferences lean. Our 300mg CBD facial oils will moisturize and balance your skin and are fabulous for the face but can be used all over your body. (However, if you have oily skin, the grapeseed oil in our Phenom blend is probably your best bet.) Our cremes are amazing for soothing muscle and joint aches and pains. The rich, luxurious blend has 600mg of full spectrum CBD so that your body can fully benefit from the oil.

What has been the most challenging thing with creating CBD products?
Honestly, there have been so many challenges in this new industry. Even with our legally formulated product, we’ve been surprised to meet obstacles with banking, insurance, credit card processing, warehousing, website hosting and advertising. These are all aspects of business that many industries take for granted. We have worked hard to overcome these issues because we believe so strongly in our product line. Another obstacle is customer knowledge, since there are so many different messages and products available, it can be very overwhelming for people.  We wanted to provide a brand that is organic and made with the finest ingredients so that people can feel good about choosing our products.

What can you tell us about your commitment to sustainability, from sourcing to packaging?
We are both committed to sustainability and were not interested in creating a product unless it was made with careful consideration for our environment. We achieved USDA organic certification as a testament to our commitment to transparency in our sourcing process. We are one of few brands who have had this level of auditing. With our packaging, we also strove to use minimal plastic and no exterior packaging. We believe that everything helps! 

What would you tell someone who was apprehensive to use CBD for the first time, due to the stigma of marijuana or the fear of “getting high”?
While our elixirs can improve mood over time, they will certainly not intoxicate you.  The part of the plant where our CBD is derived is intentionally separated from the THC that has so much stigma.  We started this brand with our great grandmothers in mind knowing that CBD is an ancient remedy that was used widely before industrialization.  We are excited to revitalize a healing herb that is so powerful and yet has been long forgotten.  Customers can also take comfort in the fact that there are no known cases of CBD overdosing, so start small and grow with confidence. We hope CBD helps you as much as it has helped us!!