Mirror is such a great product that it seems almost laughably obvious. That’s why it’s technology and design at their best. Mirror is a full-length mirror that has an embedded interactive display to bring you a personalized fitness experience. That’s right, your mother who used to do at-home aerobics classes on VHS will be super jealous.

From HIIT to yoga to boxing and pilates, Mirror offers workouts at all levels and tracks all of your biometrics to further personalize your experience. You can keep track of your progress over time, train with friends, and eventually even sign up for personal training. All from your home: no increasing gym fees, waitlists, and traffic.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention its aesthetic appeal. With its mineral bronze powder coated carbon steel frame, 40″ full HD 1080p display, embedded camera, 2 x 10-watt high-fidelity speakers, it’s as beautiful as it is functional. Neatly hanging on your wall, or even leaning against it with its optional support, it takes up little room and works seamlessly in any contemporary space. At $1,495 for the Mirror and $39/month for a workout subscription of up to five users, it’s definitely an investment but if you think about how expensive your yearly gym fees are, you’ll probably find that its a steal. 

Meet MIRROR from getthemirror on Vimeo.